Loom Crafts Indoor

Product Description

Eventually, the evolutionary realization of that very vision ended up with the variety of models, sizes, editions, and options offered from the Loom Crafts ’Jumbo’ line nowadays. A unique shade umbrella developed with the most convenient and easy opening and closing system, ever to be found in any other umbrella in the world.

Now you can cover you restaurants with large size umbrellas, instead of having many small umbrellas, you can have one or more large umbrellas to cover the entire area, this will avoid too many umbrella poles and base in the area, all the large umbrellas can be joint together with rain water gutters.

Loom Crafts ‘Jumbo’ umbrellas can be joint together in many configurations with rain water gutters, we can also provide and fix side glazing of aluminium frames with glass sliding doors and windows as shown in the above picture, with this system we can create a hall for your business which can also be air conditioned, Our ’Jumbo’ umbrellas have been specifically designed for this purpose to provide very economical shade systems for the outdoor restaurants, cafes, etc.

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