Loom Crafts Outdoor

Product Description

Loom Crafts fabric structures are renowned for setting architectural accents in creating outdoor islands of ease and comfort.

In particular it’s the variety of different-shape & -size models from the self-reliant Loom Crafts ’Jumbo’ production line that is considered worldwide as the most finished and exacting outdoor sheltering culture by market insiders. What are the reasons? – The quite simple answer is: Ever since, Loom Crafts structures have been the most solid, most elegant, and the most long lived ultra-sized ”anti-wind” parasols that one can buy for money. They are proudly being ”Made in India”, now as ever.

Our Jumbo Umbrellas are also available in our Patented Multivola Wind resistant design. These umbrellas are specially designed for places with high wind pressures which let them stand strong due to its unique Multi Layered Design.

In the beginning, there wasn’t but the vision of an ultra-sized yet ready-to-erect foldable fabric structure that was to become perfect in every respect. Its aesthetic architecture, its modular producibility, and its resulting value for- the-money price level had been in the limelight. Eventually, the evolutionary realization of that very vision ended up with the variety of models, sizes, editions, and options offered from the Loom Crafts ’Jumbo’ line nowadays. A unique shade umbrella developed with the most convenient and easy opening and closing system, ever to be found in any other umbrella in the world.

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